Nachman Gershonovitz

רשומה רגילה

Nachman Gershonovitz

Jewish orthodox author and researcher

The author of several adventure and suspense filled books; different types of short stories, science fiction with Jewish motifs and humor.

Not only does he write articles dealing in different areas of authentic researches but he also writes essays featuring a wide rainbow of topics in the images of famous scientists, official announcements, reports, and other different facts that have no connection to the actual truth , but are posed as if they're realistic- in other words: techno-myths.

He's apart of a head unit of who researches in many fields that deals with multiple subjects and different aspects of Jewish culture and existence.

Among some of the issues being researched are: World wide cultural folklore's attitude towards Judaism; relations between Jews and non-Jews; Jewish science fiction; Japan and its culture; martial arts; Glatt Jewish humor.

Up till now he has published several books, and several more are in the making.

He writes suspenseful series for weekly magazines.

Short stories and articles on reference and civilization are also published weekly written under his pen and nickname.

Can be reached by his e-mail. Please click here.